Curriculum Vitae (CV)

About Me in Brief
My name is Stavros Stavrou. I am Graphic & Web Designer with Skills in HTML-XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Mobile Frameworks, PHP and mySQL. I have experience more than 15 years! I live and work as a freelancer in Thessaloniki.

First Name: Stavros
Last Name: Stavrou
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Greek
Languages: Greek (Native proficiency), English (Limited working proficiency)
Specialty: Graphic Designer, Desktop Publishing Graphics Technician (DTP)


  • Graduate of the 2nd Institute of Vocational Training (I.E.K.) in Neapoli, Thessaloniki. —Course title: Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing (DTP).
  • Graduate of the 2nd Technical High School of Chalkida – Evia Island. —Course title: Building Works.



Experience - Knowledges

  • I worked three years as a Textile Designer at Kandys Co. / Design Laboratory of Cylinders and Printed boards (Silk Screen) in Thessaloniki.
  • After completing my vocational studies, I completed my practical training at “De Novo” color separations laboratory (PrePress), and at “PROPER advertising” advertising agency.
  • I worked for eighteen months in the craft production of textiles, paper and decorative labels for clothes at “Ribbon Fashion Accessories” company. I was also employed by “Mavrogenis SA” printing factory for eighteen months, and worked freelance at “Idylos” creative agency and at “GRAMMI artworks” advertising company.
  • From May 2003 to August 2007 I worked freelance, running my own agency in Thessaloniki.
  • Since 2007, I have been working with various advertising agencies and computer companies as an external partner in internet and multimedia applications, and in web and multimedia development (web design and presentations).
  • The programs I use are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, QuarkXPress, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash and operating systems Mac OS for Macintosh and Windows for PC.
  • Knowledge of Internet and Web Design (HTML-XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Mobile Frameworks), management cPanel Web Hosting and phpMyAdmin.
  • Working with Free and Open Source Software and especially Content Management Systems (CMS), focusing on Drupal.
  • Knowledge of computer technology and networks (Mac / PC).

Other Activities

  • Completed my Greek Army service, where I served as a Cadet Reserve Officer of Artillery.
  • Attended classes in art and sketch drawing and a seminar on computer operating (PC).
  • Participated as a representative of the 2nd IEK in the first International Conference on Vocational Education and Training, organized by the Organization for Vocational Education and Training (OEEK), in Chania, Crete.
  • Attended the 1st International Conference on “Typography and Visual Communication: History, Theory, Education”, organized by University Press of Macedonia in cooperation with alterVision, Typography & Visual Communication LTD. The conference was held at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki.